Polarization is pulling us apart

Apr 6, 2018

Before you boil a pot of water, you have grown a certain expectation of resulting outcomes that will occur from a number of required steps: either the water will boil or it won’t. I am here to tell you that the number of expected outcomes is far greater than two, and scripted assumptions are hurting our way of thinking in America.

From the day we begin public education, we are simply taught the ways to act correctly, the right ways to do and say things. Our parents reinforce these sentiments, guiding us in certain directions, to one day hopefully prosper and fit in a society that is changing faster and faster everyday. This isn’t to say we don’t direct ourselves some of the time, we do, but even this is done with the larger guiding compass hand of society scooting us toward its vision.

One day we find ourselves at the mercy of fate itself, forced to make a decision that will make a definite impact on the way we perceive the issues going on around us. These moments shape us in ways we often consciously forget. As of the current and contemporary mindsets, most shaping happens in only two directions. We are all too aware of the predominant two-party system in this country. This is but the tip of the iceberg.

Black or white, democrat or republican, shirts or skins, this ridiculous list of notions comprised of only two goes on and on. When we shoehorn ourselves into thinking about only two parties, politically and otherwise, of course politically fueled disagreement erupts. Further than that, we stop thinking critically about alternative solutions that could solve an issue better than two stances on a certain subject. ‘Freethinking’ is set by the wayside for agendas grown incredibly overpowered out of malice and frustration for each other.

There is no one right way to do something. That being said, there are no two right ways to do something. There are just ways to do something. It’s hard to imagine a world where we get so used to things happening that we fall into habits of only reacting to things as they come, in the ways we’ve come to know. It sounds incredibly dull, but it’s what I’ve come to realize as true. Most of America, including myself, is reading from an outdated script.

It’s about time someone wrote a new script. Hmm, let’s see now- what’s in ours? An unruly self-righteous king is oppressing a people at war with themselves. Of course the king has his supporters; I’d go as far as to say some of them would go as far as dying for him and their homeland. Others would rather follow the lead of Robin Hood and sooner take a victory from following a gaggle of rogues.

Not much has changed, but it should. Soon enough, two choices won’t be enough and we’ll be left to make a decision we’d thought we’d never have to make. I hope we can come to our senses before then and prepare alternatives to outdated ways of ‘light on’ or ‘light off.’

Published April 6, 2018 @TheMissourian

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