Academy students explore 3D printing

Apr 12, 2017

Missouri Academy students begin designing a prosthetic hand and other projects by utilizing a 3D printer to reach out to the community.

Academy Students Kai Yun and Irene Hung were looking for ways to match each other’s creative potentials and came up with the Plastic Artificer’s Lab. The club’s main focus is on creative and volunteering efforts directed by the club’s President Yun and Vice President Hung.

The prosthetic hand idea stemmed from the website,, which allows people to download designs and print them off to create artificial limbs. The Plastic Artificer’s Lab hopes to do just this and record its experience to be granted into a chapter.

Hung said flexibility in design and collaboration with the diverse group of individuals they have participating leads to innovative ideas being shared.

“You can design pretty much anything,” Hung said. “There is a software we can design the things that we want in, and then we change the STL file, where the design gets saved to. Then we change that code file into a specific code that the printer can read and print out afterwards.”

The Plastic Artificer’s Lab volunteered at Horace Mann Elementary School last fall. The club introduced kids to the concept of 3D printing and let them design an object that they will receive when the group prints them.

The group’s creative team has a mission to print a 3D printer inside of another 3D printer.

Dean of Missouri Academy Cleo Samudzi said the Missouri Academy is a great place for these young students to nurture their creative abilities.

“Students have been doing this for a long time (creating clubs), in a variety of different ways, but with the 3D printing system, it is the first group,” Samudzi said. “Otherwise, in many other different ways robotics club, the signs Olympia organization, and others include students doing things outside of academia.”

Every club and organization at the Missouri Academy has to go through a proposal process requiring students to convince a committee of its worth.

“This club did their presentation last year to create the club, we gave them a budget to get started and they have done some very interesting things,” Samudzi said.

Samudzi said the Missouri Academy is a great place for the young students to work together in highly beneficial ways.

“One of the things we hear quite often with the Missouri Academy having been around for about 17 years, is praises on leadership growth,” Samudzi said. “When they come here, they are all together and flourish. We nurture that creativity, being in an environment where that creativity is nurtured.”


Published April 12, 2017 @TheMissourian

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