University urges students to branch out

Mar 1, 2017

Motivational humorist, real estate business strategist, consultant and author Karel Murray talked with students about the best practices in dealing with stress and organizational difficulties for Northwest’s Career Pathing program.

According to the Career Pathing webpage, “this fast-paced, content-packed presentation identifies the internal and external influences that create chaos and stress in our daily lives.”

Murray has earned the National Speakers Association’s distinction as a Certified Speaking Professional and the Real Estate Educators Association designation as a Distinguished Real Estate Instructor. Over the course of her career, she has presented to over 80,000 people and has written four books.

In her presentation, Murray said trust, support, appreciation and accountability are required in our environment to break out of our comfort zone.

“Most of the impactful things that happen in our lives happen in a snap of the fingers,” Murray said. “Everything is going perfectly fine, and then it’s not. There is one thing that you can do, and that’s breathe. People are going to push you to go faster. Circumstances are going to push you to go faster. You can gain control.”

Addressing topics of stress and organization with humor, Murray walked the group through ways of improving themselves and reaching further than they may have already previously attempted.

“There’s nothing you can do to fix what’s behind,” Murray said. “You can only do, what you can do in the next moment. Change would be really easy if it weren’t for all of the people. You have been conditioned by others to think ‘this is the right way to do it,’ so you do it. What if you want to do something different? Stress happens when you want to change.”

The group used exercises to gauge participants’ individual levels of stress to determine the proper courses of action to best address them.

“You are going to do more for less; you’re going to give away more,” Murray said. “So, if you think you are working long hours now, expect that to maybe intensify. When we look at the ability to make fast decisions, I want you to hang on to that because the world is going really, really fast. You’re not going to have three months to make a decision. You’re not going to have a month to make a decision.”

Career Pathing offers events to students, faculty and community members for personal development purposes. Student employees who meet specific criteria and attend these sessions have the opportunity to receive pay raises.


Published March 1, 2017 @TheMissourian

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