Maryville to house new duplex

Mar 1, 2017

The Maryville City Council approved the rezoning of a residential lot for the construction of a duplex on the corner of West Third Street and North Walnut.

Brandon and Natasha Brand requested the rezoning of their lot to fit with city zoning requirements for duplex development. Community members voiced their concerns about the property surrounding the rezoning potentially turning into more apartment complexes as well as concerns for degradation of the area surrounding the property.

“I did code enforcement for four years,” Brandon Brand said. “I got those calls about too many residents being at a property. I went out at 2 o’clock in the morning and counted cars in the driveway. I sent letters to say, ‘hey we need to see your lease because it looks like you have way more people staying there.’ We did everything we can to enforce it. I did not do it on my own however. This is where reporting suspicious activity is helpful.”

The council approved this rezoning with a vote of 4-1. The duplex is expected to be two stories tall and will contain eight bedrooms.

The city’s annual audit reports were presented by Representative Mike Williams from Hochschild, Bloom and Company, LLP, St. Louis. The 2016 audit reportedly came back with good results for the city.

Burny’s Sports bar was approved as the host for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The parade is planned to take place March 17 at 5:17 p.m.

Maryville Public Art Committee representative Joyce Cronin announced the four sculptures to be leased for display in the downtown area. The pieces chosen were “Fans,” “The Farmer,” “ Why o Why” and “Last Spirit Bear”.

“It was a unanimous decision on what we had chosen between the downtown merchants,” Cronin said. This is the one we are the most excited about (Last Spirit Bear). This will be over by the farmers market. We are hoping that children will interact with it, climb on it, get their picture taken with it.”

City Manager Greg McDanel announced Maryville Public Safety’s plans to purchase a drone for search-and-rescue efforts with the aid of a $2,500 grant from Walmart.

McDanel said structural improvements on the building sitting at the corner of Third and Buchanan should be completed in the next four weeks.

McDanel said that the city is in the application process for a $350,000 grant through the Missouri Department of Economic Development for future funding to the fire bay toward a potential new public safety facility.

McDanel revealed that the City of Maryville received the Excellence in Concrete Pavement award for the city’s airport runway project.


Published March 1, 2017 @TheMissourian

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