Forest Village to begin allowing pets

Feb 11, 2016

Forest Village Apartment residents will expect a new kind of neighbor this fall semester as change in policy will allow for man’s best friend to move into the apartments.

Hall Director at Forest Village Apartments Billy Steinman said that after so many students requested pets, a policy change was in order.

Feb. 4, Forest Village Apartments gave the community a chance to come in for discussion over the policy’s implementation. Attendees were emailed the policy layout that explained the new housing option.

The policy plans on allowing the average household pet weighing in at less than 35 pounds and measuring up to 18 inches in length at the shoulder. The number of pets allowed to live in the apartment may not surpass their human occupants. Students must also participate in a meeting with the Assistant Director to show proof of vaccinations, renter’s insurance and signed mutual agreement from all residents.

Freshman Ashley Herndon supports the change.

“I believe that, for some, the chance of having their pet on campus with them could be really good for them,” Herndon said. “At the same time, they will be responsible for attending their classes, having a job and taking care of their pet, which might prove to be a challenge for some.”

With previous regulations only allowing animals contained in aquariums and cages, the addition of others may convince students to move on campus.

This popular policy has already seen a lot of support from Northwest students and Forest Village Apartments residents.

When a request is heard, change obtains a higher potential for action. Policy is one of many things Northwest Students have the capacity to act on. Voices are louder when speaking together. Students here have been heard.

The New Nodaway Humane Society offers dog license tags, as a Maryville City Ordinance requires all dogs over the age of six months to be licensed. Information concerning animal welfare, care and training can all be found at the shelter. Those seeking guidance in owning an animal for the first time or who need the general assistance can find it here. Microchips are also available for $20.


Published February 11, 2016 @TheMissourian

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